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    VEDS Group celebrates her 25 years anniversary this year!


    Meanwhile, we have grown to a company with 25 employees. Of course the ambition remains to be even bigger!


    During the move we immediately expanded with two new production machines from Mycronic: an SMD machine and the Component Tower.

    High Tech Campus 9 is becoming too small. Renting a large space, where VEDS Group can do the furnishing itself, is the wish. This is realized in November: We are moving to High Tech Campus 25.

    The introduction of the Holacracy and Agile / Scrum methods of working.


    Since this year, VEDS Group has been a recognized training company for the new generation.


    All 3 companies are merged into one: VEDS Group. With this we choose to have a single point of contact for our customers, so that customers communicate with one party.

    The company is growing. The Pinckart is too small, and a move to the High Tech Campus 9, Eindhoven (NL) follows.

    The creation of WingZ: the development and implementation of embedded systems. This makes us a 'One-Stop-Shop' for our customers: PCB design, (software) system design and prototype production in one!


    V.E.D.S. BV get its first ISO 9001 certification awarded!


    V.E.D.S. BV is expanding with Q-Matrix: a prototype production company.


    The first employee comes into service. He still works here, by the way!


    Company Veeren Electronic Design Solutions (shortly V.E.D.S.) was founded and moves to an office unit at the Pinckart in Nuenen (NL).


    John Veeren started his sole proprietorship from home, trusting in himself that he was the best in designing PCB's.