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    Knowledge & Expertise

    Knowledge & Expertise

    VEDS Group designs your printed circuit board (PCB), ranging from single-sided to multilayered and flex and flex-rigid printing. From 'simple' low cost PCB design, to high speed & RF signal layouts and high density interconnects (HDI). Techniques such as differential pairs, FPGA design, controlled impendance, the integration of sensors and matched length fall into our design experience range. Besides the PCB design, our expertise extends to electronics design from analogue to digital design and bus systems. RISC based solutions and System on Module integrations (x86, RISC, m2.com) also fall within our skill. We have various drawing packages.

    In addition, we realize (embedded) software solutions. We program C (++ / #), visual basic, HTML and Android apps. We create applications for microcontrollers, Android, MS-DOS, UNIX, RTOS and ROS. Unified Modeling Language (UML) and protocols, such as Zigbee, TCP / IP and WiFi, are part of our expertise package.

    Mechanically we design mechanical concepts from the base to a desired end product. We can also support our customers in electronic integration. Through 3D drawings and the help of our Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D printer, we can make and test the most fitting and beautiful designs from the start.

    Apart from the design, we also produce the designed prototypes into a small series of productions. Our assembly employees specialize in (double-sided) SMD assembly. Think of BGA and FPGA placement, oddshape components and chips in all shapes and sizes, and the application of very small or complex designs. From through-hole assembly to an SMD & through-hole combination.

    Besides producing PCB(A) 's, our employees can realize final assemblies for you and functionally test the end result. All this in an ESD-safe environment.


    Each knowledge area has its own wishes, characteristics and details. As a development company for third parties, it is therefore important to be aware of the innovations of all markets. VEDS Group operates on the following markets:

    • Start ups
    • Industry
    • Automotive - Traffic & Mobility

    • Consumers
    • Communication solutions (RFID, WIFI, GPS, USB3, GSM, NFC)
    • Army of defence
    • Sport
    • High Speed Camera technology
    • Agriculture
    • Education
    • Healthcare & medical
    • Robotica - Motion & Motor control

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