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    Why, how, what

    ‘Why, how, what’

    Veeren Electronic Design Solutions, abbreviated V.E.D.S., Q-Matrix and Wingz. Together these three entities form the VEDS Group. An organization that specializes in the development and production of multidisciplinary, technical projects and products in different markets. From the smaller activity such as support for your own project, to the full realization (including project management) of your yet to be realized technological ideas. This makes us the perfect 'one-stop-shop' partner for (future) customers, from start-ups to large international parties.

    Our working method

    This ambition was the reason to start working in 2017 according to the Scrum / Agile methodology and the Holacracy model. We have applied these within our quality standards.

    This means that we work without management, but with self-managing teams. There are no functions, everyone fulfills roles. These roles are not fixed and are dynamic. Every discipline is added to each team's project. The teams themselves bear the responsibilities and the execution of the work within the allocated project.

    By starting every day with Sunrise and Scrum meetings, we ensure that colleagues can steer each other, support and make use of each other's talents. The Scrum method supports the self-management of holacracy, which enables us to achieve the optimum result for projects and products.

    What is our vision and ambition

    ‘I can do everything for my clients’, is the quote with which owner John Veeren started his own company in 1994. We still work from this simple focus, only it has changed to: ‘We can do everything for our customers.’ VEDS Group has grown into a company of 25+ employees, and since 2008 has been located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven - the Brainport center of the Netherlands.

    Employees who use their talents, and also develop themselves in addition to the products. An important value in this is: Happy colleagues provide happy customers. To be happy in your work, you have to have fun, and it has to challenge you. Only then can you become the best. We do this with schooling and training, but also with our customers through ‘training on the job’.

    But, in order to contribute with our spearheads to a better world, we want to grow even further. The ambition is to ultimately be a player in the top of the (Dutch) market for embedded product development, with the aim that our customers see VEDS Group as a quality stamp.

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    Why, how, what