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    EVSE Cube

    EVSE Cube, smart charging system of E-Nuevo

    E-Nuevo devised a system for 1st in Charge in which only one power connection is needed to connect up to 30 (small) charging systems. This ensures optimum efficiency of the connection, and because the whole has a user-friendly interface, the power consumption remains low and efficient. With an eye on a sustainable and innovative future. VEDS Group designed the hardware, software and realized the complete mechanical design of the Cube.

    Wolk, the hip airbag of Wolk BV

    The first hip airbag in the Netherlands. The Wolk by Wolk BV ensures that a lot fewer elderly people break their hips while falling. By inflating itself when an elderly person falls, the hip air bag provides a soft landing. As a result, the (somewhat less balance stable) elderly can confidently leave the house again. VEDS Group designed the hardware, made the prototypes and produced the PCBA.

    Wolk Airbag
    Formule 1 InMotion

    Formula 1 car from InMotion

    Driving the 24 hours of Le Mans with a fully electric Formula E car. That is the dream of the people of InMotion. This is a group of students from TU / e, whom have the dream to build the most innovative race car in the world with their fully electric Formula E car. VEDS Group helps InMotion achieve their goal with the design and delivery of various PCBAs, and with all other questions that arise in the development of the electronics.

    Payment terminals from Atos Worldline

    The Valina and Yomani, these are payment terminals of Atos Worldline that can be found everywhere nowadays. The Valina, a device where unmanned payments are made, such as parking garages or tank stations. The Yomani, the latest generation wireless payment system, to be found mainly in shops. It is clear that payments are made with high reliability so that third parties can not 'break in'! VEDS Group does the PCB design, signal integrity, PCB security, prototypes and pre-series.

    Highspeed camera

    Smart Camera, high-speed camera technology from Intelligent Camera Company BV

    The camera system for sport in the future: with this high-speed camera system, a sports competition such as football, basketball or hockey can be automatically analyzed and followed. VEDS Group helps Intelligent Camera Company BV with hardware and PCB design, the mechanics and production the PCBA's. An example is a flex-rigid PCBA with 4 PCBA's combined to 1; the housing is 3 times smaller by this solution.

    *VEDS Group enters into confidentiality agreements with its clients (NDA), which is why we can only show a concise portfolio.