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    Projects & products

    Projects and Products

    We carry out our projects for and with our customers, with whom the VEDS Group together want to create a livable, technological world. This is done from our spearheads: sustainability, safety, to inspire, innovation and creating a greener world with our eyes focused on the future. At all times we put a 100% in our projects, where an open and communicative attitude between both parties is essential. In addition, we aim for long-term relationships with both our customers and employees, based on mutual trust and respect.

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    The process from an idea to realization can become more complex as more disciplines get involved. VEDS Group helps you with this. We can realize part of your idea, but also the entire process. Applying our technical knowledge and project management, ensures that very complex and demanding processes can be correctly realized by us!

    Our quality system and IPC standards are the guiding principles of all our projects, which means that we deliver the desired result in combination with our experience and flexibility.


    Some examples of the (larger) customers for whom we work:

    Acacia Water

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    Projects & products