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    The VEDS Group is looking for an testengineer

    Who are we

    We are VEDS Group. We are a 'one stop shop' for customers with electronics development demand, from PCB design to the development of hardware, software, mechanics and the production of the prototypes and assembly of the system.

    You have the freedom to do your work your way. Do you have great ideas to improve your work or the organization? Throw it in the group! We do not work with managers who are in charge. As long as you stay within the lines of VEDS, you get all freedom.

    What do we ask

    We are looking for a new addition to our fantastic team. We are looking for a replacement for a colleague who is unfortunately leaving us. Your position consists of several roles, the roles that you will fulfill in particular are the roles of testengineer (PCBA testing, patching, software updating etc.) and work preparation in MyCenter for our SMD operators. You really are the link between our production and engineers. You get the chance to unfold and grow to where you want to grow! Whether you are a starter in the field or an experienced rock in the surf.


        Do you have affinity and knowledge of components and assembling PCB's?
        Have you followed an MBO course in Electronics?
        Are you willing to help your colleagues where needed?
        And maybe you can also solder a bit (pré)?

    Then we are looking for you!

    What do we offer

    We offer you a place in a fantastic team, with the best employer in the Netherlands where you can develop yourself in the way you want and where you can grow. We provide fresh fruit every week, so that we continue to be supplied with vitamins and energy. We have fun projects with even nicer customers, who are only too happy with what we do for them.

    Do you feel like coming to work with us? Send your resume and a short motivation with clear why you think you fit our team and the company and we speak to each other quickly! Send all information that you think is important. You can send it to lisette.veeren@veds.nl.

    *For all acquisition perpetrators among the readers: We are looking for our own people. If we need your paid assistance, we will take care of it ourselves. So you do not have to call to offer your paid services.